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CDC Covid and Flu Tracker Datasets

2024-07-11 // Tom Ward, Software and Analytics Consultant

Spreadsheet access to the Centers for Disease Control public datasets for flu and Covid data and instructions for connecting to the CDC API for live data analysis.

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Row Zero Data Analytics Scholarship

2024-07-02 // Nick End, Founder

Row Zero offers a scholarship of $1,000 to be awarded to one student each year pursuing an undergraduate course of study in a field focused on data analytics.

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How to Load Spreadsheet Data Into a Snowflake Table

2024-06-01 // Nick End, Founder

Snowflake cloud data warehouses unify data storage and make it easily accesible. Learn how to load data from a spreadsheet to Snowflake.

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Last Mile of Data Analysis

2024-05-21 // Nick End Founder/COO

The last mile of anaytics, examples, tools,

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Power BI vs Tableau Pros, Cons & Pricing Comparison

2024-05-06 // Tom Ward, Software and Analytics Consultant

Compare Power BI vs. Tableau - Discover their pros, cons, and pricing to choose the best BI tool for your data analysis needs.

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How to Connect Databricks to a Spreadsheet

2024-04-30 // Nick End, Founder

Learn the seamless process of connecting Databricks to your spreadsheet, enabling dynamic data analysis and integration with our step-by-step guide.

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Inflation Calculator

2024-04-26 // Nick End, Founder

Explore our free inflation calculator and read about Consumer Price Index and inflation trends

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What is Data Enablement and How to Get Started

2024-04-11 // Tom Ward, Software and Analytics Consultant

Empower organizations to realize the full value of their data assets

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The Google Sheets row limit? 10 million cells.

2024-04-11 // Nick End, Founder

Explore the boundaries of Google Sheets with our breakdown of the 10 million cell limit, ensuring you maximize your data without hitting the cap.

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The Rise of -n

2024-04-04 // Greg Gates, Software Engineer

An analysis of baby boy names in the United States by final letter.

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