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What is Data Enablement and How to Get Started

2024-04-11 // Tom Ward, Software and Analytics Consultant

Empower organizations to realize the full value of their data assets

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The Rise of -n

2024-04-04 // Greg Gates, Software Engineer

An analysis of baby boy names in the United States by final letter.

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P-Value Calculator

2024-03-13 // Tom Ward, Software and Analytics Consultant

What is P-value and how to calculate it for your experiment

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Announcing Row Zero

2024-02-29 // Breck Fresen, Founder/CEO

The world's fastest spreadsheet.

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Is Microsoft Power BI Right For My Company?

2024-02-18 // Tom Ward, Software and Analytics Consultant

What are the advantages and disadvantages to using Microsoft Power BI?

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Spreadsheets for Last Mile Analytics

2024-02-09 // Tom Ward, Software and Analytics Consultant

Why the spreadsheet is the ideal tool for last mile analytics.

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How To Open a Big CSV File

2024-02-08 // Nick End, Founder

Top 5 tools to open, view, and edit large CSV files

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How To Connect Google Sheets to Snowflake

2024-01-30 // Nick End, Founder

5 popular ways to import data from a Snowflake data warehouse to a Google Sheets spreadsheet

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The 6 Best CSV Editors

2024-01-28 // Nick End, Founder

The 6 best products for viewing and editing big and small CSV files.

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YFinance Python Package for Financial Data

2024-01-22 // Nick End, Founder

Free template using yfinance Python commands to analyze financial data in a spreadsheet

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