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  • Capture data from multiple sources
  • Easily create visualizations
  • Ad-hoc analysis
  • Easily auditable reports
  • Share analyses and align teams
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Row Zero has become my default SQL viewer and replaced Postico.

Sami Boghos

Sami Boghos
VP of Operations @ Retirable

Do less grunt work

Instead of downloading and importing static CSVs, connect directly to all your data sources and analyze it all in one place.

No more unexpected surprises

Refresh data from connected sources and models are up to date. No more waiting for analyses to update.

Forecast and control inventory irregularities

Run a tight ship. Row Zero enables operations professionals to use the spreadsheet skills they know and love to analyze giant data set audit individual line items in a blazingly fast spreadsheet.

Intuitive and collaborative analytics

With a spreadsheet interface everyone can understand and sharing permissions, align the entire organization around operations reporting and visualizations.

Move faster

No more waiting for BI teams to wrangle big data sets and perform an analysis. Empower every employee to become an analyst with access to the golden data set. With data refresh, no report will ever need to be reproduced.

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