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  • Organization-wide data engagement
  • Live models, forecasts, and reporting
  • Sharing and access controls
  • Blazingly fast analysis
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The reason I love Row Zero is if you're not an expert in Python, you can use the spreadsheet to get around that lack of knowledge – and if you're an expert in Python, you can use all the features.

David Berger

David Berger
President @ The Lamus Group Inc.

Reduce one-off requests

Enable business partners to analyze and build models off read-only data sets from your data warehouse. Give them a truly self-serve analytics tool and free up the Data Team for higher value projects.

More engagement with data

Use of traditional BI tools is limited to power users and BI teams. Spreadsheets are the analytics tool of the business. Grow your data engagement by connecting your teams to your data warehouse.

Work with all data sets, no matter the size

Unlike traditional spreadsheets, Row Zero is designed to handle big data with all the same flexibility and familiarity of a spreadsheet business teams are used to.

Spreadsheet Data Governance

Give all employees read-only access to your cleaned and curated data. Let them work in spreadsheets and build models off common data sets that can easily be reviewed.

Collaboration across teams

Easily share metric visualizations, analysis, models, and data connections with business partners and collaborate with viewer and editor permissions. Use the follow feature for engaging presentations.

Connect to all your data

Whether the finance team needs data from your ERP or reporting data from the data warehouse, connect to all your data repositories and build reports, models, and forecasts in Row Zero.

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