Snowflake | Spreadsheet

Intructions for connecting your Snowflake instance to Row Zero, importing data into a Row Zero spreadsheet, and exporting data into Snowflake.

Connect Row Zero to Snowflake

In Row Zero click on the 'connections' icon in the upper right-hand corner and then click the button to '+ Add connection.'Databricks new data source screen in Row ZeroDatabricks add new connection screen in Row Zero

The connection requires 5 pieces of information defined below.

  1. Name - This field can be anything that helps identify the data source being connected. (e.g. "Production Data" or "Product Metrics")
  2. Account name - This is the Snowflake account name. It can be found and copied from Snowflake as identified in the image below. When it is copied and pasted from Snowflake into Row Zero, it will paste with a decimal between the two alphanumeric identifiers. The decimal must be replaced by a hyphen ( - ). For example, "HW97234.DV88430" should be modified to "HW97234-DV88430" when pasted into Row Zero. See the image below. See the image below.Snowflake account name in Row Zero interface
  3. Username - The username used to log into your Snowflake account.
  4. Password - The password used to log into your Snowflake account.Snowflake account information screen in Row Zero

Once all the information is entered, hit 'Test connection' to ensure the information is correct. If the test returns green, you will be asked to select the 'Warehouse' and 'Role' before you can '+ Add Source.'

Add Snowflake as source screen in Row Zero

Write a query to import data

Now that Snowflake is connected to Row Zero, write a query to pull data into the spreadsheet. First select the 'Database' and 'Schema' from the two drop downs. Write a query in the query editor. The easiest query to write is the 'select *' statement, which pulls in the entire table. Example:

select * from TABLENAME

Row Zero is equipped to handle large data sets and will easily ingest the entirety of a table. Write more complicated queries to pull in various subsets of data stored in Snowflake. All results will be displayed in the 'connected data table' in the spreadsheet.

Write Snowflake SQL query in Row Zero

Export to Snowflake

With a connected Snowflake account, you can export data sets from Row Zero to your cloud data warehouse. Once you've defined the data you would like to save to Snowflake, right click on the data table or selected range and navigate to 'Export > Snowflake Data' in the context menu.

Export to Snowflake

The export to Snowflake modal will pop and ask you to select the database, schema, and specify a table name. New table names are forced to start with 'rz_' to avoid overwriting any tables already in the Snowflake cloud data warehouse. Hit export and Row Zero will create the new table in Snowflake and import all the data. When the export is complete, you will see a notification in the upper right-hand corner.

Export to Snowflake modal

Write Snowflake SQL query in Row Zero

To verify your table is in Snowflake, you can use either of the commands below.

show tables
select * from rz_TABLENAME