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  • Import live data from anywhere
  • Create financial models built on live datasets
  • Process giant models in seconds instead of hours
  • Share with your team or entire company
  • All the flexibility and familiarity of Excel
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Lightning fast. It has allowed total flexibility for our financial modeling. No more data or aggregation tricks to make the model fit Excel.

Ian Chapman

Ian Chapman
Reservoir Engineer @ Split Rock Resources

Align your team and organization

Row Zero makes it easy to share financial reports and models built on live data sets with every business function. Enable stakeholders to build their own analyses off of common data sets.

No delays in information

With data connections, build models and charts connected to live dataset with automated refresh so your team is never surprised by deviations from plan.

Eliminate repetitive work

Build earning reports and financial models on production data sets and no longer reproduce one-off reports from CSV exports that are immediately stale.

Blazingly fast analysis

Don't wait for slow BI tools to update or big spreadsheets to unfreeze. Get the answers you want instantly with Row Zero's highly performant spreadsheet engine.

Flexibility for your planning, forecasting, and modeling

Business plans change quickly. Easily build, transform, and update models built on live data sets. Add new dimensions and visualizations with a few clicks.

Easily build complex models with Python

When spreadsheet functions aren't enough, use Python to decompose complex functions and make easy-to-understand models.

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