Your business wants a spreadsheet.
Give it to them.

Close the last mile analytics gap and enable business teams to access the data they need with a tool they know how to use.

Row Zero is an impressive feat of engineering, making big data feel small in a familiar spreadsheet interface.

Wes McKinney
Creator of Pandas and Apache Arrow

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Use cases

Give your business access to cloud data sources in a tool they already know how to use. Explore hundreds of millions of rows, perform ad-hoc analyses, and monitor trends from the comfort of a spreadsheet.

Power and speed icon

Power and speed

  • Write Excel-compatible formulas to process hundreds of millions of rows instantly
  • No more slow dashboards - filter, sort, pivot, and plot in milliseconds
  • Upload multi-GB CSV, Parquet, and JSONL files - no need for databases or expensive BI tools
Familiar UI icon

Familiar UI

  • Excel compatible - execute VLOOKUPS, XLOOKUPS, COUNTIFS, INDEX MATCHs, and more
  • Filter, sort, pivot, and plot the way you already know how - no BI tool training required
  • Enable your business teams with an analysis tool they already know how to use
Connect to any data source icon

Connect to any data source

  • Row Zero runs in the cloud and connects directly to data warehouses, data lakes, APIs, and any other service
  • Save time and reduce mistakes by connecting to live data instead of copy/pasting
  • Export data from a Row Zero spreadsheet straight into your data warehouse
Sharing and collaboration icon

Sharing and collaboration

  • Collaborate in real time - Share each workbook with editor and viewer permissions
  • Maintain one version of your spreadsheet that everyone with access can reference
  • Provide refresh permissions (without revealing credentials) so business teams can build models off live data
  • Use the Follow feature when presenting to walk team members through your analysis
Security icon


  • Eliminate locally stored Excel files and CSVs that contain sensitive data
  • Govern your data. No more Sharepoint or untraceable emails with .xlsx attachments
  • Give your business teams the spreadsheet they are asking for and keep data in the cloud
Python icon


  • Decompose long spreadsheet formulas with Python helper functions to improve readability and prevent costly errors
  • Import popular Python modules like pandas, numpy, scipy, and yfinance, to perform complex analysis in a familiar tool
  • Never write VBA again