Data Import

Row Zero supports a number of different methods for importing data into a Row Zero spreadsheet. Data imported into Row Zero can be imported straight into cells, like traditional spreadsheets, or into a data table, which are immutable tables that make it easy to work with large, connected data. The following are all the options for importing data into Row Zero.

CSV upload

Import a CSV through the Data > Import menu. file upload screenshot


Copy and paste data from Excel and Google sheets into Row Zero using CTRL+C and CTRL+V commands.

S3 - Connect bucket

The following instructions explain how to create an IAM role in AWS S3 and grant permissions for a Row Zero workbook to connect a specific S3 bucket and ingest data. To begin the process, in the Data menu, select Import from Amazon S3. Import from Amazon S3

You will see a link to the public datasets S3 bucket and a button in the upper right hand corner that says + connect bucket. Click the button to connect a new bucket. The public datasets bucket is available to demo the integration and Row Zero features. Connect bucket

The first step is identifying the bucket name you intend to connect to Row Zero and entering the name in the provided text box. Bucket name Next, provide the Amazon Resource Name (ARN). To identify the name, follow the instructions below to create an IAM role for Row Zero and grab the ARN from the AWS console. At the top of the screen your Row Zero AWS Account ID and your External ID will be visible. Both will be needed to create the IAM role. ID numbers

Create an IAM Role

  1. Log in to the AWS Management Console

  2. Select AWS Account

  3. Select Another AWS Account and enter 732940336628 as the account ID

  4. Select Require External Id and enter Your Account ID

  5. Click Next Enter AWS account IDs

  6. Select Create Policy (this will open a new tab) AWS create policy

  7. Select the tab that says JSON and replace the text with this: AWS json text

  8. Click Next: Tags

  9. Click Next: Review

  10. Give the policy a name like 'RowZero-myS3bucket-ReadOnly'

  11. Click Create policy and close this browser tab AWS policy name

  12. On the first browser tab, refresh the list of policies

  13. Search for the policy you just created (e.g. RowZero-myS3bucket-ReadOnly), click the checkbox to its left, and click Next AWS permission policies

  14. Give the role a name, like RowZero-myS3bucket-ReadOnly

  15. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Create Role AWS create role

  16. Click View Role at the top of the screen and copy the role ARN and paste it in the text box at the top of the window. Click Next. AWS view role AWS copy ARN number Paste ARN

API - Import with python

Use the code window to connect to APIs with Python. Use the code window to write functions that call APIs and return requested data.

  1. Import package that connects to API
    import yfinance 
  2. Write a function that calls the API with a request
    def STOCK(ticker):
    return yfinance.Ticker(ticker).history(period="max")
  3. Run code window with 'run' button or 'Shift+Enter'
  4. Use the function STOCK() in any spreadsheet cells to display data frame

stock function


Coming soon.

API - Built-in connections

Coming soon.